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Stephanie Smith is an award winning make up, prosthetic and hair designer for film and television with 13 years industry experience.

She is well respected, a go-to designer for many producers, and has worked on a broad range of projects.

Stephanie is renowned for going above and beyond the norm, to create the most authentic make up, prosthetic and hair designs.  


Known as the “Queen of Gore”, (her work being Stephen King recommended).  Stephanie loves a good blood bath, but in the same breath, action, comedy and fantasy projects definitely have a special place in her heart. 


Her Irish Film and Television Award (IFTA), was won for a period piece, "Dominion Creek" a Western set in the Alaskan Gold Rush.  Beating off some major household titles with significantly larger budgets.

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Curriculum vitae

The Screen Talent Agency 020 7729 7477


Hair, Makeup & Prosthetic Designer


With an IFTA win for her work on the ratings-busting Western ‘Dominion Creek’, Stephanie has shown how she can create anything from immaculate glamour to gruesome dead bodies. Her credits also include work on comedy, romance, and fantasy-themed productions, all of which she takes in her stride. She’s based in London and is available to work worldwide.


Selected credits

date production director / production company



2022 THE LAZARUS PROJECT Series 2                        Carl Tibbetts / Urban Myth Films

2021 WAR OF THE WORLDS Series 3                            Indra Siera, Jonas Arnby / Urban Myth Films

2019 DER IRLAND-KRIMI                                                 Zuli Aladag / Studio Telegael

2017 THE LOCH                                                                 Brian Kelly, Cilla Ware / ITV

2015 DOMINION CREEK                                                   Dathai Keane / TG4 Winner: Best Makeup & Hair – IFTA 2016


2021 THE LOST GIRLS                                                       Livia De Paolis / Pelgo Films

2019 SEA FEVER                                                                Neasa Hardiman / Fantastic Films

2018 MALEVOLENT                                                           Olaf De Fleur Johannesson / Sigma Films

2017 MUSE                                                                          Jaume Balaguero / Castelao Pictures

2017 NAILS                                                                          Dennis Bartok / Fantastic Films

2015 DEPARTURE                                                               Andrew Steggall / Motion Group Pictures

2015 CHERRY TREE                                                            David Keating / Fantastic Films

2014 WE ARE MONSTER                                                   Anthony Petrou / Terra Rossa Films Entertainment

2014 LET US PREY                                                              Brian O’Malley / Fantastic Films


2020 THE BIRTH OF VALERIE VENUS                              Sarah Clift / BFI Network

2018 MY BUTTERFLY                                                          Matt Diss / Terra Rossa Films Entertainment


as Hair, Makeup & Prosthetics Artist


2020 TOP BOY Season 4                                                      various / Cowboy Films for Netflix

2019 TOP BOY Season 3                                                       various / Cowboy Films for Netflix


2014 CESAR CHAVEZ                                                            Diego Luna / Canana

2013 WORLD WAR Z                                                              Marc Forster / Paramount Pictures

2013 GREEN STREET 3                                                          James Nunn / Lionsgate

2013 FOR THOSE IN PERIL                                                    Paul Wright / Warp Films

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Agent: Ben Freeden email

Tel 020 7729 7477

Stephanie email

Tel 07884 450185

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